Terms and Conditions

  • COVID-19 and Health regulations

At this stage it looks like we will be reopening in 2022.

In accordance with advice from NSW Health, all people entering the Art School must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Proof of vaccination will be required in the form of a Covid-19 Digital Certificate in paper or digital form for entry into the school. In addition to checking in, all attendees must follow current Health orders in force at the time of attendance.

  • Enrolment

Places in our courses are only confirmed upon full and upfront payment of the term fees once an offer has been made to you based on your application. Your place in the following term will only be confirmed upon full and upfront payment of the next term’s fees.

We reserve the right to refuse admission or cancel the enrolment of any student who poses a disciplinary problem or disrupts other students, as our teachers are not qualified to manage students with behavioural disorders or students who are unwilling to participate in the scheduled coursework.

  • Refunds, Transfers and Missed Classes

Please consider your booking carefully before enrolling as we do not offer refunds or class transfers once payment has been processed. We cannot be held responsible for any changes in work commitments or personal circumstances of students, and we will not issue refunds or transfers for any missed classes.

  • Class Protocols

Students should arrive for their class within and no earlier than 10 minutes of the scheduled start time and use the COVID app to check-in before attendance. Late arrivals may need to wait until the next break to prevent interruptions to the class. Space is limited, so please do not bring unnecessary personal items or leave any equipment on the floor to prevent trip hazards.

Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during class time unless it is to listen to music while working. All phones should be switched to silent otherwise.

There are no lunchroom facilities at the school, however there are many cafes and restaurants in the local area.. Please avoid bringing food, drink or perfume into the studio.

We are a solvent free environment with limited space so brushes need to be taken home for cleaning. See the manual for tips on mediums, palette and brush cleaning that are solvent free which will also extend the life of your brushes.

  • Teachers

We reserve the right to change teachers without notice because of circumstances outside of our control, and we will not issue a refund or transfer if there has been a change in the teacher of a class that you are enrolled in. You agree that students are enrolled to undertake the course and there is no guarantee as to who the teacher will be.

  • Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available to purchase online via our website and remain valid for up to twelve months. Please note that gift vouchers are non-refundable, and do not guarantee a place in one of our programs.

  • Photography

We may take photographs of students participating in class or any artwork they create in class and publish them on our website and social media pages, or for other advertising and publicity purposes.

Photography of models is strictly disallowed and may lead to expulsion.

  • Personal property

We cannot be held responsible for any personal property you bring onto the premises, and we cannot be liable for any loss or damage to such property. For this reason, we recommend that students do not bring any valuables to class.

  • Lost or damaged artwork

We cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged artwork belonging to students. It is the responsibility of each student to collect their artwork at the end of each term, as any uncollected artwork may be removed or disposed of in the term break cleanup.

  • Disclaimers

While we use appropriate materials in our classes, you acknowledge that to the extent permitted by law, we cannot be responsible for any damage to your attire or personal property from the use of these materials. While we do everything possible to maintain a high standard of supervision in our classes to ensure the safety of students while they are on our premises, we cannot be responsible for the safety of students outside of classes. You acknowledge that to the extent permitted by law, we are not responsible for the safety of students outside their class time or outside our premises.


If you have any concerns or comments, please let us know via the “contact us” section on our website, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Terms and Conditions