Portrait Society Awards PSS to Sally Ryan

Portrait Society Awards PSS to Sally Ryan

Portrait of Professor Caroline McMillen by Sally Ryan
Professor Caroline McMillen by Sally Ryan

Sally Ryan has been awarded Portrait Signature Status by the prestigious Portrait Society of America, which recognises a “practicing and accomplished artist who is dedicated to the educational mission and high aesthetic standards as set by the Portrait Society of America. The artist’s work must consistently demonstrate a high level of skill and sophistication of aesthetics.”.

This honorary status grants the right to use the initials of the organization (PSS-Portrait Society Signature) on all personally created works as an indication of our harmonious high standards and goals, to create, to advance and to share.

There were a number of specific criteria for approval that included:

·         Current membership in the Portrait Society of America

·         Acceptance in either the Portrait Society International Portrait Competition, Portrait Society Members Only Competition or any other national exhibition of equivalent level

·         Involvement in educational activities that are designed to cultivate and further the understanding and practice of representational fine art. This would include:

Mentoring and teaching in established art institutions

Private studio instruction

Demonstrations and or lectures

Production of any and all fine art instructional media

A consistent body of work that demonstrates exceptional merit

Congratulations Sally!

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